COI Page


No member of the review panel shall participate in the review, judging or evaluation of the abstracts, oral presentations, and poster presentations in the Singapore Primary Care Conference 2023 if that review panel member or any member of his or her immediate family:

  • Has direct or indirect financial interest in the outcome of the abstract competition or with any of the abstract authors or the organisations/institutions they belong to;
  • Is related to any of the abstract authors or is a close family friend of theirs;
  • Has actively participated in the current research or study of the abstract authors.

Guide for Reviewers

  • Please review each abstract and declare any potential conflict of interest. You may click on the abstract title to view the abstract.​
  • You may do partial submissions for your COI declarations. Click on ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each item and click on the ‘Submit’ button found at the bottom of the table.​
  • The completed items will move to the ‘Completed COI Declaration’ section, while the pending items will remain in the ‘Waiting for COI Declaration’ section.​
  • For any changes in your submitted COI declaration, please go to the ‘Completed COI Declaration’ section and click on ‘Edit’. Please make the necessary changes and click on the ‘Submit’ button.​